Science Museum of Minnesota | Mental Health: Mind Matters

NOW OPEN at the Science Museum!

Join this momentous conversation about raising awareness of mental health and help increase understanding that mental illnesses are real, common, and treatable.

Let’s talk about the power of speaking up.

This groundbreaking exhibition aims to build a greater understanding of the importance of mental health and create a safe space for important conversations about mental illness. Hands-on experiences throughout the Mental Health: Mind Matters exhibit bring you closer to the facts, feelings, and issues surrounding this topic that touches so many of our lives.

Peer into mini-dioramas of important moments in mental health history. Play a quiz show to test your knowledge of common misperceptions about mental illnesses. Hear what it’s like to experience psychosis, and feel what it’s like to be unable to ignore your surroundings. Watch heartfelt videos of diverse individuals talking about their personal experiences living with mental illnesses. Write down your own worries and destroy them in the Worry Shredder. Gather additional information in a resource center to share with someone you know or better your own mental health.

It’s time to quiet the fear and amplify our voices. It’s time for healthy conversation about mental health.

The data is loud and clear. Shouldn’t we be, too?

Recent studies capture the impact of misunderstanding, discrimination, silence, and the resulting lack of treatment of mental illnesses:

1 in 5 — U.S. adults aged 18 or older experience mental illness in a given year (43.8 million, or 18.1% of all adults) (1)

10 years — the average delay between onset of symptoms and seeking treatment (2)

14 years old — Age by which 50% of all chronic mental illness begins (3)

24 years old — Age by which 75% of all chronic mental illness begins (4)

$193.2 billion — Annual lost earnings in the U.S. due to serious mental illness (5)

(1, 2) National Institute of Mental Health

(3, 4) JAMA Psychiatry

(5) The American Journal of Psychiatry

Mental Health: Mind Matters was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota with Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre and their partners, Ciência Viva and Cité des Sciences & L’industrie. The Science Museum partnered with PrairieCare clinicians and NAMI Minnesota to adapt the exhibit content for a North American audience. It is at the museum through January 6, 2019 and is included with museum admission.

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