Chisago Drop in May 2022

Good news! Chisago Drop in Center is open!

As you may know, the drop-in centers closed at the end of 2021, however Chisago County did find value in continuing it and would like to see Lighthouse Child & Family Services be successful in facilitating the drop in center starting in March 2022. Your support and sharing of the information is helpful and appreciated.

The Drop-in Centers provide a place for individuals to come learn about Illness Management and Recovery and/or spend time in planned activities individually or in groups. The drop-in centers are a great place to go for individuals 18 years of age or older who are living with Mental Illness.

The Chisago Drop-in Center is located at the Main Street Church, 6500 Main St. North Branch and open from 10am to 2pm every Wednesday.

The Chisago County drop in center calendar for the month of May is linked below. Please share it with anyone you think might be interested in attending.

Chisago May Drop in Calendar 2022

How can you help?
Learn about what to say…

CRISIS phone line:
Call 800 523-3333
Or text the word “MN” to 741741

Click here for additional information

In a life threatening situation or medical emergency, call your doctor or 911.

Just need to talk?
Wellness in the Woods 5:pm – 9:am Daily 844-739-6369
Minnesota NAMI Warmline 4:pm – 8:pm Thur – Sun 888-334-7754
Mental Health Advocacy Minnesota Warmline 5:pm-10:pm Mon – Sat 877-404-3190

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