Colorado: The Adult Use Marijuana Market & THC Potency

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What Have the Last 10 Years Taught Us?

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 11am – 12pm

Session Description:

The potency of the marijuana available in the public market has increased to record high levels. With this increased potency, there comes increased risks to public health as well as public safety concerns. It’s now been 10 years since Colorado legalized commercial adult marijuana use. Now we can examine data from a variety of sources and see what impacts have taken place in the last decade. Using this data as a predictive analysis tool is an essential resource for states who have or are considering legalization into the adult use marijuana market and identifying potential pitfalls. In short, if it happened there, it could happen here.

About the Speaker:

Dale Quigley is the Deputy Coordinator of the National Marijuana Initiative for the HIDTA program in the United States; responsible for providing information and education on issues surrounding marijuana. A retired police Sergeant, with most of his nearly 40 years involved in drug enforcement, he is recognized as a subject matter expert in several aspects of drug enforcement. He regularly speaks at drug abuse and prevention conferences nationally, focusing on the evolving public health and public safety impacts being seen since marijuana has been legalized and the increases in THC potency levels.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will have a greater understanding of:

  • How the impacts of legal marijuana experienced in Colorado can be used as a predictive analysis tool elsewhere
  • Marijuana’s adverse impacts to public health issues & public safety issues
  • The evolving role of high potency THC products and its compounding effects to public health & public safety

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