December Drop-in Schedules – Cookies are on the Calendar!!!

Come to the Drop-in this month for some learning and fun activities. This month plans include learning about Procrastination, information on Borderline Personality Disorder, Illness Management & Recovery, Card Making, Cookie Making & Decorating, Bingo, and Games.

The Drop-in Centers are designed as a place for adults living with mental illness to come and spend time with peers. It is a place to work on and improve independent living skills, promote integration into the community and encourage healthy psychological functioning.

Staff is available to assist with connecting to resources and services.

October Calendars to view, print or save:

Drop In center Calendar – Chisago Dec 19.pdf

Drop In center Calendar – Isanti Dec 19.pdf

Drop-In Calendar Kanab Dec 19.pdf

Drop In center Calendar – Pine Dec 19.pdf

Drop In center Calendar – Mille Lacs Dec 19.pdf

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