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The latest blogs and news from NAMI • March 2021

Ending the Criminalization of Mental Illness
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compassion-NN A Plea for Compassion as Someone Who Was Arrested During Psychosis
“To bring about meaningful change, the system itself has to be restructured and it starts, quite plainly, with having compassion.”
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Mental Illness and Criminal Justice
neuroplasticity-NN Neuroplasticity: How I Survived Psychosis and Jail
“I actively sought recovery on both cognitive and interpersonal levels. I used the concept of neuroplasticity — that my brain could change and heal — as my guide.”

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reform-NN Criminal Justice Reform Means Reforming the Mental Health System
Effectively investing in the mental health system is the most logical way to support the diversion of the millions of people with mental illness who are incarcerated every year.
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voices-NN The Voices that Caused Me to Lose Everything
“While in the middle of my assessment, the officer came to me, put my hands behind my back and put handcuffs on me. I was in jail for a month until I got bailed out.”
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CJ-NN Criminal Justice Involvement of People with Serious Mental Illness
Enhancing criminal justice diversion for people with mental illness means implementing community-wide solutions that address risk factors, such as poverty, and provide mental health support.
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CJ-NN NAMI Releases Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System Resource
NAMI recently released “Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System,” a downloadable infographic citing facts about the criminal justice system and its impact on people with mental illness.
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research-NN Stay Up to Date on Research News
NAMI monitors current research across the field of mental health. On this page, you can find up-to-date information from government organizations, private institutions and academic and industry researchers.
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NAMI logo Spread the Word About the NAMI Blog
The NAMI Blog is our way of getting tips, research, information and messages of hope to you.
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