Mental Well-Being Everyday Tools and Tips from MDH

We all need and want mental well-being. It is about your quality of life. Mental well-being is having the opportunity to realize your abilities, deal with day-to-day stress, have meaningful relationships and contribute to your family and community. Each small step can improve how we feel and function.

Everyday tools and tips

▪BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Join a group. Help your child get a mentor. Meet with a friend. Visit a neighbor. Forgive.
▪ DO GOOD: Share a kind word. Lend a hand. Volunteer.
▪ PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Write three good things about each day. Say or send a thank you.
▪ PRACTICE CALM: Mindfulness. Yoga. Meditation. Guided imagery. Pet your dog.
▪ SPRITUAL & CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Find the good. Find your source of hope and meaning.
▪ PLAY and CREATE: Make time for play. Art. Music. Sports. Have fun!
▪ KEEP LEARNING: Take a class. Read a book. Develop a hobby.
▪ CREATE TRADITIONS: Family meals. Seasonal and holiday activities.
▪ SLEEP: Create healthy sleep routines.
▪ EXERCISE AND NUTRITION: Move every day. Eat nourishing food.
▪ MOBILIZE: Join others to shape work and community decisions.
▪ JOURNAL: Try writing about your day to help make meaning of events.
▪ ENJOY NATURE: Go for a walk. Garden. Have plants inside. Find a great view.
▪ IDENTIFY and USE STRENGTHS: Use online tools like Values in Action, StrengthsFinder or Reflected Best Self.

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For Mental Wellness HELP in East Central Minnesota

In a life threatening situation or medical emergency, call your doctor or 911.

CRISIS phone line:
Call 800 523-3333 or text the word “MN” to 741741

Just need to talk to someone?
Wellness in the Woods 5:pm – 9:am Daily 844-739-6369
Minnesota NAMI Warmline 4:pm – 8:pm Thur – Sun 888-334-7754
Mental Health Advocacy Minnesota Warmline 5:pm-10:pm Mon – Sat 877-404-3190

Click here for additional information

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