Virtual Peer Support Network March 2021 Calendar

From Wellness in the Woods
The Virtual Peer Support Network, or VPSN was designed with the intent to decrease isolation in an all-inclusive, non-judgmental, and safe environment. This program was created in 2020 as a response to COVID as a way for those seeking to connect and feel supported while social distancing.

The VPSN community is hosted on ZOOM by a team of Certified Peer Support Specialists who are able to use their own life experiences to help others who share similar mental health challenges.

Their programs consists of several different activities including:

  • WRAP, Mental Health/Recovery Topics
  • Skills Development: Independent Living
  • LGBTQ+ Support
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Spanish, Swahili, and Somali Speaking Support
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Storytelling
  • Creative Arts
  • Games, Book Club & Cooking

Keep up to date with VPSN activities, sessions and Zoom meetings! Peer Support Specialists have a lot in store so don’t miss out each month!

Click on the link below for interactive calendars and supply list.

For Mental Wellness HELP in East Central Minnesota

In a life threatening situation or medical emergency, call your doctor or 911.

CRISIS phone line:
Call 800 523-3333 or text the word “MN” to 741741

Just need to talk to someone?
Wellness in the Woods 5:pm – 9:am Daily 844-739-6369
Minnesota NAMI Warmline 4:pm – 8:pm Thur – Sun 888-334-7754
Mental Health Advocacy Minnesota Warmline 5:pm-10:pm Mon – Sat 877-404-3190

Click here for additional information

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