Heartland Express has been acquired by Arrowhead Transit/AEOA. Arrowhead has a very robust Volunteer Driver program run by Colette Hanson and Martin Lepak is their Recruiter.

We are excited to have this program entering into our region as volunteer drivers can drive all over (they don’t need to stay within any boundaries).

Please share this flyer and spread the word that Volunteer Drivers are being sought out to help facilitate the program in Chisago and Isanti counties.

Karen Onan, ECRDC
Senior Community Development Planner/Regional Transportation Coordinating Council Director


What do volunteer drivers do?
Volunteer drivers provide individuals in need of transportation with a means of getting to and from medical appointments.

Who qualifies to be a volunteer driver?
Anyone who is:
• Age 21 or older
• Has a valid driver’s license
• Has proof of insurance
• Has a clean driving record
• Has not had a suspended license or DWI within the past 3 years
• Has had no felony convictions

What type of insurance coverage must a volunteer driver have?

A volunteer driver is required to provide enough insurance to allow them to drive legally in the state of Minnesota.

What type of vehicle can be used?
The vehicle must be safe, dependable and clean. Volunteer drivers use all different types of vehicles from small subcompacts to large SUVs.

How can I become a volunteer driver?
Call Transportation Advocate Martin Lepak at (218) 410-9755.


Q. How are volunteer drivers notified of a ride?
A. Volunteer drivers are notified by a telephone call or a text of a ride at least 24 hours prior to the time of pickup. An email notification of the ride is also sent.

Q. Who notifies volunteer drivers of rides?
A. All medical rides are dispatched by volunteer driver coordinators who are located in one central location at the Arrowhead Transit office in Gilbert.

Q. How frequently are volunteer drivers requested to drive?
A. Volunteer drivers typically provide rides three to four times per week. Rides vary in length and frequency, depending on the needs of riders and driver availability.

Q. Do volunteer drivers receive any reimbursement?
A. All volunteer drivers are reimbursed at the maximum federal mileage rate. Mileage is reimbursed from the time the drivers leave their home until they return home.

Q. How are volunteer drivers reimbursed?
A. Volunteer drivers submit mileage reimbursement forms for all rides provided and receive reimbursement by direct deposit.

Q. Are volunteer drivers considered employees or contractors?
A. Neither, volunteer drivers are volunteers.

Q. Are volunteers required to pay tax on the reimbursement they receive?
A. This question should be answered by your individual tax preparer. AEOA/Arrowhead Transit is required to provide 1099 forms to all volunteers that receive $600 or more in reimbursement annually.

Q. Are volunteer drivers who are on call required to provide all rides requested?
A. Volunteer drivers have the right to refuse any rides offered to them at the time of dispatch.

Q. May volunteer drivers take time away from volunteering to pursue personal activities?
A. Yes, the volunteer driver program is designed so you may take time to come and go from the program at will by simply notifying the coordinators of your plans.

Link to flyer: Volunteer Driving Program flyer.pdf

For Mental Wellness HELP in East Central Minnesota

In a life threatening situation or medical emergency, call your doctor or 911.

CRISIS phone line:
Call 800 523-3333 or text the word “MN” to 741741

Just need to talk to someone?
Wellness in the Woods 5:pm – 9:am Daily 844-739-6369
Minnesota NAMI Warmline 4:pm – 8:pm Thur – Sun 888-334-7754
Mental Health Advocacy Minnesota Warmline 5:pm-10:pm Mon – Sat 877-404-3190

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